Friday, May 29, 2009

a new beginning begins with the end of an end.

its time to make it official and end this blog. it has been more than one year since i had this blog. after reading all my posts i realized that this blog says nothing about me at all.

change is good.


Friday, March 27, 2009

god..................... my english is dying by the moment...
im getting writers block all over the place.
who gets a block from writing a post it note??!!!
i need to go read the dictionary.

i just came back from the most intense exam so far in college. it wasnt actually very hard only not enough time but .. aiya, dont know what to say lah.

so...... im just rambling la. i dont have anything real to say other that i have been sleeping a lot. oh yea, that and doing assignments. lots and lots of em. its fun really, except the fact that i am losing touch with the real world by facing the computer too much. which is why i shut it down right after i finish. hence, dead blog. lol

ok world: so tomorrow (saturday 28th march) there is this charity carnivel-ly thingy going on in campus. for all those who can make it, it starts at round nine in the morning then the crowd might move on to the pyramid for earth hour. (GO EARTH GO!!) . lots of games (apparently), food (apparently) and fun (big apparently). one thing for sure is that its all for a very good cause - underprivileged kids. so come and you know, get samaritan-ish.

*signs out*

Monday, March 2, 2009

its been awhile since before christmas. i missed out on many great posts like the new year and first day in college and stuff. but hey, college does wear you out a little. it kinda feels like in standard one where you have to go back to school after the mid term holidays. or maybe its just me. nevertheless, im back la. lol

i actually did write a full length of post before the new year. it was a great piece. however, fate popped by and decided to cut my connection just when i was about to post it up and KA PUT! it all disappeared. depressing much.

so after ages and ages, i screened by old files and i stumbled across this essay i did for the school magazine last year. apparently its not published though. and im not surprised. you should read it for yourself. it DID capture the essence of my class last year. nostalgic stuff. and oh yea, i really really do miss school. id told myself that i wouldnt miss school and all but....evidently, now i do...

so heres the composition, a post after ages, have fun:

For some, it comes and goes, but for the rest of us, new years are a huge deal. For those in school, it may be a time to start studying for good grades, get a friend, snug into new cliques or even , for once, start doing homeworks. As hard as it may seem for any other adults, living through school days are not as easy as it seemed then where the ultimate choice of career for women is as a housewife. School remains to be some of the worst or best memories that are etched permanently in the grey matter of our heads whether we like it or not. These are also said to make us better individuals, and cannot agree more.

Personally, entering Form Four was somehow a highlight of secondary school so far. I remember vividly those days where my peers of same age flood into the hall for days, listening (or not) to lectures that foreshadow what lies ahead while the teachers sort us out into our respective classes. What were we to do but wait eagerly?

As embarrassing as it sounds now when I recall it, form four had also meant that we can finally skulk around the school in a shortlived pride thinking that we were no longer the “ youngin’s” but the senior instead. To be able to choose the subjects we were to take up added to the feeling of newfound adulthood. Nevertheless, the classes were announced soon enough and students scurry to classrooms quickly to nab the best seats for the remaining year. Honest and right from the heart, I had been deeply disappointed when I discovered mine. 5 Science 3. I can’t exactly explain it in words but being placed in that class felt wrong and even insulting at some point. Why? I believe most teachers would have the answer for that.

Since most of our teachers were new to us, the first week had been largely dedicated to introducing ourselves to the teachers and vice versa. Keep in mind that we were still hopefuls then, thinking that we were to be given a perfect education by every other teacher and showered by love in the most professional way possible. Imagine our surprise when out of the blue several teachers (whom I shall not name but shame on you) entered with gloom expressions and started to talk to us as if we had pasted “anti-antidadah” posters all over the canteen walls.

Not even one proper class session and already we were being profiled based our classes. It was and still is unfair for most of us who deserves a chance at least to prove ourselves different from what they would like to perceive. Right from the very beginning we were heaped with prejudice. It was difficult but soon we learnt to cope, using the go-in-one-ear-go-out-the-other technique. Only few teachers were kind enough to reserve before being judgmental. They had been great educators who we had grown to dear for their courtesy and rational minds. It was also their positive attitude towards new ideas that inspired us to change the schools perceptive of Science 3 once and for all.

July 2007 , we had a class meeting during a free period (it was as formal as it could get)and came out with a list of solutions to achieve our aspirations. The following week we stayed back after school to clean and decorate our classes in order to create a friendlier environment for ourselves, and for the sake of our school. We sent representatives for every competition organized by our school’s active societies and clubs and made sure our class was announced during the assembly if any of them were to win. The efforts every member of our class inserted were somewhat shocking. Never had I seen my classmates work as one so united. Even the occasionally thrilled-to-kill students were sincerely keen on making a difference. The sky have eyes because their inputs were rewarded.

September 2007, 5 science 3 was announced to be the winners for the annual class decorating and interclass choir competition in conjunction of the country’s 50th independence. As insignificant as it may be to other classes, those winnings represented the results of our unity and we were definitely proud of it. 2007 came and went smoothly there after.

However, came 2008 and all our efforts mentioned erstwhile were diminished as many teachers got transferred. Sadly, they were mostly the ones we revered most. We had tried our very best to change the paradox but years of perspective proved to be hard to alter. Even to this day some teachers never fail to mention how jinxed our class is whenever any of us commit a simple mistake.

As I have stressed, everything has its own way of affecting one positively. Prejudice had resulted in us kicking and screaming to prove them wrong. Being form five now, I look back at my past and whenever anyone asks if I would want to change anything, I would have none because we would not have became what we are at this point if not for our past no matter how hard it had been. Nevertheless, I believe I speak for my entire class when I humbly request for the school community to allow science 3 students to begin their years as normally as possible. New years are new starts . Do not spoil it for them like it had spoiled ours.

Based on the voices of
5 Science 3, 2008.

Written by marcus tong chen yee

sigh.....oh school.... *poof*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


and oh i almost forget. for all those form-four-soon-to-be-s, im selling away all my reference and revision books from spm. i have loads of them for almost every subject even arts. just me or facebook me or something. everything is going up for half price or less. im not talking about those thin scrawled exercise books but the thick really handy ones. you'll learn that the textbooks are really not enough when it comes to everything except history. i also have textbooks. loads of em. perhaps it might help me gather funds for candy canes. just contact me. i dont bite. im mildly tame unless unfed or pms. lots of loves(yet again)
now that im done cursing the world, hello planet earth! which reminds me of this really cute advert on discovery channel. i'll post it up if i can find it. really catchy and everything and so cute!

back in reality, oh this is really the worst holiday ever... there are so much to do and so little time. i need to get my drivers license which i had been pushing dates all year now, i want to get a job but who cares now im going to start college by january anyway, i want to have fun but since it was overly hyped during all the stress and strain of spm-the real thing, im not getting enough of it (and yes i do get a little joy by being able to say spm without feeling weights all over my shoulders)

oh ...i just cant complain much. at least i do not have the lifespan of flies.

christmas is up soon!
im not really in the mood yet. still too bugged down by bugs. lol. feverish every now and then. i have no gawking idea how im going to go about it this year. usually i go about selling christmas cards for funds...... i guess i could take in a few last minute orders....... oh no no ... it will be too late by the time i return from thailand. but do tell me if you want to see them anyways.

lots of love from yours truly, the moon. (get it??)